Southern Baptist Convention

Cody & Carla Ridge


We want everyone to hear the gospel, but what about Deaf people? How can they hear? Today we are going to pray for two missionaries, Cody and Carla Ridge, who share the gospel through sign language. They work with Deaf people. There are millions of Deaf people around the world and for years now we have sent missionaries to share the gospel with them. We support them through our church's Cooperative Program giving. There are different kinds of sign language overseas, just as there are different spoken languages. Amita (say ah-MEET-ah) was a deaf woman Cody and Carla knew who came to faith in Christ. She went to a meeting of deaf women and signed to them about her new faith. The women reacted harshly. They grew angry and actually attacked Amita. When Carla talked to her, Amita was still hurt and was weeping. Carla told her about how Jesus was beaten before He was taken to the cross to die. Amita signed that she was going to stay with her new faith. Today can we pray for Cody and Carla, our missionaries who have a special ministry of sharing the gospel with the Deaf.

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