Southern Baptist Convention

Clay & Amy Kreisky


Today we're going to pray for two of our missionaries serving in a country in Southeast Asia that we will not name. And we are using made-up names for the missionaries because we don't want them thrown out of the country or worse because we talked too openly. Missions is dangerous in many places and this is one of those. We'll call them Clay and Amy. Have you ever thought about what people believe before they believe in Jesus? In much of Asia, they believe in spirits. They believe spirits are evil and are always trying to hurt people. Where our missionaries serve, that's the way most people are. A man we'll call Ketoot was a welder by trade. He was scared to death of spirits. He made offerings and prayed to the spirits, fearing they would hurt him. When Clay and Amy told this man God loves him, has a plan for his life and sent Jesus to die for him, Ketoot was interested. As a test, he quit giving the spirits offerings - and nothing happened. He became a follower of Jesus Christ. His fear went away. A year later, his wife was saved. Some of our church's Cooperative Program dollars find their way to Clay and Amy all the way over in Southeast Asia. So we rejoice with them when we hear victory stories like this. Let's ask God to bless them and their ministry and let's ask God that thousands and thousands of people will turn from evil spirits to the one true God of love!

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