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Missionary Highlight: September 17

Brianna Weir


Today we want to pray for a missionary who's not one yet. In fact, we don't know what Brianna Weir may wind up doing in life. She is attending Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Our church's Cooperative Program giving helps support Southeastern -- one of our six seminaries -- so Brianna's tuition is much lower than most schools of similar quality would offer. While she was still in high school Brianna and five of her friends organized a ministry called "Save Our Sisters," which fights human trafficking, a global curse. That might become her life's ministry, but she doesn't know for sure yet. She says all of life is an opportunity for missions and ministry. Attending Southeastern is a great way to be ready for whatever the Lord has in store for her. Today, let's pray for this Southeastern student and ask the Lord to lead her wherever He wants her to go. Looks like she will be ready.

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Devotion: September 17

How to Keep from Fumbling the Ball


Many of us have a "fumble story" in our past! Either we have fumbled the ball, witnessed someone else fumbling the ball or experienced a ballgame completely turned around due to an untimely fumble. Fumbles occur due to carelessness. It is disheartening for coaches and players when fumbles occur. The hours spent in practice to avoid game time fumbles must at times seem a total waste of time. Quarterback coaches work with quarterbacks on fundamental drills to avoid fumbles on the exchange with running backs. Running back coaches run through rigid drills in practice, making sure the players understand several important things, such as:

  • Receiving the ball from the quarterback before running,
  • Holding the ball securely while running with it, and
  • Making sure to hold the ball even more securely while attempting to get those final few inches before going down.
Once a player gets labeled for being excessive with fumbles, he will spend an enormous time on the sideline. There are many players with tremendous ability but due to fumbles, never even see the playing field for game day! Stewards can also fumble the ball spiritually! According to Scripture, God owns it all but chooses to entrust mankind with what He allows to flow into our hands. The majority of Christ's parables provide clear teachings on stewardship. Often through the poor handling of what He places in our hands, we fumble it due to poor stewardship practices. Such practices include:
  • A failure to live as stewards by returning the tithe to God,
  • A failure to practice the truth -- it is far more blessed to give than to receive, and
  • A failure to spend time in the spiritual game room of prayer, Bible study and practicing the disciplines of the faith.

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