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Missionary Highlight: November 19

Yi Zhang


Today we are going to pray for one of our Chinese missionaries in Baltimore, Maryland. Yi Zhang (say yee-zang) is starting churches for the many Chinese people who live in the Baltimore area. Our church is helping support him through the Cooperative Program. People from China are a big mission field for us here in the United States - it's estimated that about 4.6 million Chinese now live in the United States and Canada. But so far, we have started only 228 Southern Baptist churches for these Chinese. Now, Yi has an interesting approach to outreach. Many Chinese people work, of course, in Chinese restaurants. So Yi goes to the restaurants to meet with the workers and lead Bible studies. They can only meet when they finish working for the day, which is usually around midnight. So many of the Bible studies are held in the middle of the night. Let us pray for Yi, who so wants to share the gospel with his people, he is willing to hold midnight Bible studies over and over so they can hear.

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Devotion: November 19

Stewards of Gratitude


I recently read the story of a customer in a restaurant accidentally leaving his jacket in a restaurant near McAlester, OK. The customer was a senior adult, but what sets this story apart from others was what was in the coat and how the restaurant workers handled it. The customer and his wife had driven over 100 miles in order to see a used car and had $14,000 in the coat. They anticipated a purchase. The car wasn't in good condition, so the couple stopped to have lunch and then returned to their home. The next morning the man discovered that his jacket was missing and remembered leaving it at the restaurant near McAlester. He called the manager of the restaurant and after answering a few questions found that the manager and an employee put the jacket away in hopes that the man would return for it. The man made the trip back to the restaurant to claim both his jacket and the $14,000. The man attempted to offer the owner and staff a reward, but it was refused. The response from both the restaurant owner and employee brought tears to the senior adult's eyes. He was touched through the actions and committed to "pay it forward" to others as a way of showing his gratitude. Too often, many only think how entitled he/she is to the rewards awaiting them in life instead of the opportunity to touch others through doing what's right!

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