Southern Baptist Convention

Russell & Kaniz Abraham


Today we're going to New York City to pray for a missionary our church supports there. Even if we have never been to New York, we know it from all the movies and TV shows - tall buildings and millions of people. It's also a very international city, because people from around the world have come here to live. Our missionary, Russell Abraham, is from Bangladesh, where almost everyone is Muslim. But Russell became a committed Christian because he read the Bible which his mother gave him. Now in New York, he is working to share the gospel with Muslims who have come from Bangladesh and other countries. Russell and his wife, Kaniz live in a community in Queens where many other people from Bangladesh live. Our church supports them through our Cooperative Program giving. Russell has started a church that is growing. Most days he visits people around his neighborhood to witness and lead in Bible studies. It is hard work, but when a Muslim comes to faith in Christ there is much rejoicing. Today let's rejoice that Russell found Christ. Let's pray for him and his wife as they serve there in New York.

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