Southern Baptist Convention

Lorna Bius


If we are talking about refugees, we probably do not think of Georgia first.

But today in our prayer time we are going to pray for Lorna Bius who serves in Clarkston, Georgia.

This is a city east of Atlanta, just outside the 285 beltway, which has one of the highest concentration of refugees in North America. They have come to America from many lands. Many will stay in Georgia; some will move to other states.

Lorna ministers to these refugees. She welcomes them and makes sure they have food, a place to live and other basic needs. Along the way she shares her Christian faith by what she says and what she does. Lorna also helps arrange for volunteer teams from around the country to come serve in Clarkston and minister to the refugees.

Our church has a hand in Lorna's ministry because we give through the Cooperative Program. Our giving helps pay her salary and provides funds so she can meet the physical needs of refugees.

Let's pray now and ask God to bless her ministry. The refugees will long remember her ministry of kindness. But the gospel will stay with them forever!

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