Southern Baptist Convention

Jimmy & Julie Steele


It's always great to hear that someone has been born again. Today in our prayer time, we are going to focus on a church that was sort of born again.

This church is in La Mesa, which is west of San Diego in southern California. For many years Windsor Hills Community Church was a strong and active church there. But the community changed, members got older and the church stopped growing.

In 2017 two of our missionaries, Jimmy and Julie Steele were hoping to plant a new church in that same community and visited Windsor Hills. After talking with Pastor Sam Calhoun, the three felt led to restart the church with Jimmy as pastor.

A year later the membership had doubled. The new church, now called The Hill Church, was becoming strong and sharing the gospel with the community.

Through our Cooperative Program giving, our church is supporting Jimmy and Julie in their ministry in La Mesa. They're helping a born again church to tell many people they can be born again through Jesus Christ.

Let's pray for them now.

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