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Chris & Mindy Flora


If you run your eye from east to west over a map of Canada, stop in the province of Alberta before the Rocky Mountains march across the horizon. Look for a big city.

That's Calgary. It's a modern city - a forest of skyscrapers. And it's one of the fastest-growing cities in North America.

Seen through Christian eyes, Calgary is also a city of lostness - it's estimated that only about five percent of the people in Calgary have any relationship with Jesus Christ. So 95 percent are lost.

Today we're praying for Chris and Mindy Flora. They moved from Ohio to Calgary in 2018 so they could plant a new church called Multiply Church. They meet in a movie theater south of downtown.

From day one till now, our church has supported Chris and Mindy through our Cooperative Program giving.

They tried to meet as many people as possible through block parties, summer camps and open invitation Bible studies. As their first year ended, attendance was averaging a healthy 60 to 70 people and 11 of those had accepted Christ as Savior.

Let's pray for Chris and Mindy and ask God to help many find Christ.

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