Southern Baptist Convention

Chad & Jodi Hartis


Our prayer time today will focus on Massachusetts.

Our missionaries Chad and Jodi Hartis left their native North Carolina and moved to Dartmouth, Massachusetts, after they learned disturbing facts about Massachusetts and New England in general.

Although the early church was strong in New England, that history is long gone. These days only about 1 percent of the people in Massachusetts are part of an evangelical church.

A high percentage of the city's 35,000 people have present or past ties to Roman Catholicism. Many people from Portugal have settled here. New churches are needed here and throughout New England.

In 2015 Chad and Jodi planted South Coast Church. They meet just north of the Dartmouth campus of the University of Massachusetts.

They are getting to know people to share the gospel. They also teach the Bible. One Catholic grandmother was impressed that her grandchild learned Bible verses. Now four generations of that family are involved in Bible study at the church. Home groups help reach people in many communities.

Our church supports missionaries like Chad and Jodi in Massachusetts and across New England. We manage that through our Cooperative Program giving.

Let's pray now for Chad and Jodi.

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