Southern Baptist Convention

Bryan & Marci Coble


Have you visited Chicago? People who have been there are impressed with the excellent pizza and the ethnic foods in local cafes and restaurants. Ethnic foods are possible because people from other lands have settled there.

Today we're going to pray for Bryan and Marci Coble who are planting a new church called Sow Chicago Community Church on the northwest side of Chicago. The three biggest ethnic groups around their church are Hispanics, people from Serbia - once part of Yugoslavia - and Poland.

What a mix, huh?

Sadly, most people in northwest Chicago have one big thing in common - they are lost. Only about two percent of the people attend Bible based churches.

To meet people, Bryan and Marci have been helping in local schools, working with community councils and holding block parties. Slowly, they have begun to be accepted as locals, just like the many other newcomers.

Our church is supporting their ministry in Chicago because God wants us to send missionaries, partner with Him and be His ambassadors in telling the story of Jesus. Our support is through our Cooperative Program giving, of course.

Let's pray that Bryan and Marci can lead their church to reach many for Christ.

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