Southern Baptist Convention

Bryan & Jody Shippey


Today we're going to pray for two of our missionaries in New England: Bryan and Jody Shippey.

In 2017 they planted a new church - called Banner Hill Church - in Framingham, about 25 miles west of Boston.

The church meets on the campus of Framingham State University, in the town center. Because of that strategic location, many Sundays students walk into the worship service - just because they wonder what's it all about.

When Bryan and Jody met so many students who had no clue about Jesus, they began to look beyond their one church. Now they're praying about how to make sure every college town in New England has a gospel witness.

Our church supports Bryan and Jody and their ministry there in Massachusetts as we give through the Cooperative Program. We also share their concern that college students who will one day run their state and nation will do so without knowing Jesus Christ as Savior - unless those who follow Jesus act.

Can we pray now for Bryan and Jody? And let's pray that the Lord will call more church planters and more collegiate ministers to share the gospel on college campuses all over New England.

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