Southern Baptist Convention

Laura Reece


When we think of Africa, we think of jungles and those grassy plains with animals. But today we're going to pray for a missionary who serves in a part of West Africa that is very different.

Our missionary - we're going to call her Laura Reece - serves in Mali, a nation that is mostly desert and so dry that water is precious. It's a hard place to live and a hard place for missionaries to serve. Our church helps support Laura through our Cooperative Program giving.

Laura works with the Samogho people. There was just one Christian believer, a woman named Ta. When she died in 2005, there were no other Christians. But her son, named Jak, had seen his mother's faith - and he wanted that for his life. He asked Laura to teach him.

For 10 years she met with him once a week to pray and study the Bible. By 2015, 23 of the Samogho people had become believers - and started the first church. By early 2018, there were seven churches with 160 total members. Jak became one of the leaders.

Imagine: Working 10 years to disciple a young man so God can use him to share the Gospel among his people! Let us thank God today for giving Laura the courage to live in a hard place and the patience to be faithful until the time was right!

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