Southern Baptist Convention

Jeremy Taliaferro


Training Christian leaders is an important part of missions. Today we want to look at what can happen when a missionary trains believers. Jeremy is one of our missionaries serving in Uganda, in Africa. Five years ago he met a believer from South Sudan named James. For some time Jeremy trained James in church planting, spiritual disciplines and Bible storytelling. Then James went back to South Sudan. Two years later Jeremy visited a camp in Uganda where refugees from South Sudan have fled to escape the war in their country - and he ran in to his former student, James. Imagine how happy Jeremy was when he learned James had planted six new churches among the refugees! Already many people have come to Christ because Jeremy invested time and effort in training James. Our church had a hand in that training because our church's Cooperative Program giving helps support Jeremy, our missionary there in Uganda. Let's pray now for Jeremy and ask the Lord to continue to bless his ministry with strong leaders like James. And let's pray that the Lord will also bless James as he works among his people who are now refugees in Uganda.

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