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Victoria Koontz


We're going to South Asia today to pray for a missionary who serves there - a missionary our church supports through the Cooperative Program. We'll call her Victoria Koontz. Victoria tells about meeting a woman named Naomi. Now, Naomi had a hard life. She was born into a Muslim family and so was Muslim. She had a disfigured face and felt that nobody loved or accepted her for who she was. But one of her friends was a Christian and that friend told her the good news that God loves her and sent His Son to die that she might have eternal life. That same friend invited her to church. The Christians in the group welcomed her warmly. They accepted her. Later Naomi also became a follower of Jesus Christ. Folks, that ought to make us stand up and cheer! All over this planet our missionaries are seeing lives renewed as people learn the biblical truth that God loves them and has a plan for their lives. Today, let's pray for Victoria. And let's pray for Naomi, that she will become a faithful witness to her Muslim family and friends.

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August 2019