Southern Baptist Convention

Tim Kunkel


Sometimes when we look at people, we see just categories - poor, rich, old. But we should see people as Jesus did - as people needing to be born again. Today we want to pray for one of our missionaries in South America who has learned to see every person as a potential new Christian. His name is Tim Kunkel, and our church supports him through our Cooperative Program giving. Tim tells about seeing two men rummaging through trash in front of his apartment building. He started talking to them. They talked of dreams, families and how they barely made a living by selling stuff other people had thrown away. When they asked Tim what he does for a living, he told them he is a missionary who tells people how to be saved. He was a sinner, he said, but he was saved by God's grace. He explained that they, too, could be reconciled to God through Christ. Neither man accepted Christ that day, but often it takes several talks about the gospel before hearts are changed. We expect a missionary like Tim to tell people about Jesus. When we see people through missionary eyes, we'll do the same.

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August 2019