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Jonathan and Mia Jaffery


Today we're going to pray for Jonathan and Mia Jaffery who serve in one of the African countries. They are our missionaries because our church supports them through our church's Cooperative Program giving. Jonathan and Mia lead a discipleship course that teaches new Christians what it means to be a Christian, according to what the Bible teaches. After one of the lessons on witnessing, a woman stood up and wept openly. She said she had not witnessed in earlier times. She could neither read nor write, and every time she started to tell someone about Jesus, she said Satan would whisper in her ear that nobody wanted to hear what she had to say because she just wasn't smart enough. But after the training, she said, she had confidence to talk to anyone. Friends, we do not even know the name of that woman, but let's pray for her today. Let's pray the Holy Spirit will work through her in such a powerful way that many would come to faith in Christ. And let's pray for our missionaries, Jonathan and Mia. Their slow and patient work will be rewarded in the days ahead as many more people hear that Jesus loves them.

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August 2019