Southern Baptist Convention

Solomon and His Kin


Today we want to have a different sort of prayer time. We will not pray for one of our missionaries. Instead, we will pray for a people who need missionaries to bring them the gospel. They are the survivors of the Holocaust. We know what the word Holocaust refers to, right? It refers to the six million Jews - and others, such as gypsies - who were killed in death camps during World War II. Some were freed from the death camps and managed to survive. One of our missionaries in the Middle East knew a Jewish man who survived being in a death camp. We'll call him Solomon. Solomon was in his 90s and died recently. Before he died Christian believers prayed with him and talked to him. We will not know this side of heaven if he trusted Jesus for his salvation. It is estimated that only about 100,000 Holocaust survivors are alive today. Only a few of these know Christ. But, like Solomon, they need Him desperately. Can we pray today that God will call Christians to carry the gospel to these survivors and that they will accept the salvation He offers?

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