Southern Baptist Convention

Fabian & Melissa Portunato


Let's go to sunny, Miami, Florida, today because we want to pray for our missionaries, Fabian and Melissa Portunato, who have four children. Fabian and Melissa have planted Revolution Church and are working hard to reach people for Christ. Fabian says he looks for opportunities to share the Gospel all the time, especially when he does not expect them. Along with his church ministry, Fabian holds down a full-time job, mainly because he can tell more people about Jesus. He recalls that, on the day he put up a sign announcing the church, a homeless man in his 20s came up to ask what he was doing. The church welcomed him and six months later that young man accepted Christ as Savior and was baptized. Now he regularly invites people to Revolution and tells them, "These people truly care for the least of these." Our church supports Fabian and Melissa and their ministry in Miami, because we give through the Cooperative Program. Fabian appreciates the Cooperative Program. He says, "Without the Cooperative Program, this (church) would not have come about." He quotes Hudson Taylor, an early missionary, who said for someone to dig a well, one must dig while another holds the rope. The Cooperative Program is Southern Baptists holding the rope. Let us pray now for Fabian and Melissa.

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