Southern Baptist Convention

Alex & Jess Garcia


As we pray today, let's think about London, England. If you think London is a Christian city, because it has some historic church buildings, I am sorry to say you are wrong. It is a city of more than eight million people, most of whom have no relationship with Christ.

It is also a very challenging city because people from around the world now live in London - they speak more than 300 languages.

Are many missionaries needed in London? Yes! If you were a missionary in London, would you want churches like ours praying for you? Of course you would!

And that's why today we are going to pray for two of our missionaries who serve in London: Alex and Jess Garcia. We already support them financially through our church's Cooperative Program giving.

London is big but they are helping plant new churches around the city. Every week people are saved and ask for baptism. That often inspires others to seek baptism too.

Let's pray now for Alex and Jess and ask God to give them a powerful vision of how to share the gospel with the millions who live in this massive city.

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