Southern Baptist Convention

Jorge & Rebecca Santiago


Most of us probably remember the terrible hurricane that struck Puerto Rico in 2017.

Hurricane Maria destroyed many homes on the island. Two of our missionaries, we support through the Cooperative Program, were there. Today in our prayer time we want to think about what happened after that storm.

Our church supports the North American Mission Board through our Cooperative Program giving. One of the board's ministries is disaster relief.

The board provided a generator to Jorge Santiago, our missionary in Puerto Rico. Remember that thousands were without electricity after the hurricane.

So Jorge moved the generator around and helped many people by providing them electricity. Many days he powered a local school. Other times he took it to homes so families could do laundry. As he provided them free power, he also told them how the saving power of the gospel could be theirs through faith in Christ. Many people became Christians. Now Jorge has started a new church and most of the members are people he ministered to after the hurricane. It was a terrible hurricane - but God helped good to come from it.

Let's pray for him and his wife, Rebecca, now.

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