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First Baptist Church of South Lyon (FBCSL) was constituted in 1956. FBCSL cooperates with the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), the Baptist State Convention of Michigan (BSCM) and the Huron Baptist Association. It is located within the City of South Lyon, Michigan. The website of the church is COUMMUNITY OF SOUTH LYON, MICHIGAN South Lyon, Michigan is situated in Lyon Township, in the southwest corner of Oakland County, Michigan, about forty-five miles west and ten miles north of the center of Detroit. The neighboring counties are Livingston to the west and Washtenaw to the south. To the northwest, but not adjacent, is located Genesee county. Nearby cities are Wixom, Novi and Northville to the east, Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti to the south, and Brighton to the west. Population is moving west from Detroit and its near-western suburbs, so to the east of South Lyon is now primarily cities and subdivisions, but to the north, west and south the territory is still primarily rural. Although the land around South Lyon was once used mostly for farming, today it is more residential with some farming. There are numerous horse farms and golf courses around the area. The terrain in and around South Lyon is glacial moraine, with consequent hills, and there are numerous lakes, ponds and swampy areas nearby. There once were several large gravel pits in the area, but most of these are now closed, and many of the gravel excavations have been turned into lakes with subdivisions built up around them. Much more information is available on the web at SCHOOLS IN THE COMMUNITY Because it is in a growing area, the South Lyon Community School District is also growing. Within the district are two high schools (grades 9-12), two intermediate schools (grades 7 and 8) and eight elementary schools (grades K-6). The high schools are on separate properties about six miles apart, the intermediate schools are adjacent to each other, and the elementary schools are scattered throughout the district. One new elementary school went into operation this year (2017-2018), and another new one is planned. There are approximately 8,850 students in the district. More information is available on the web at INDUSTRY IN THE COMMUNITY The South Lyon community is home to a company that manufactures seamless steel tubing used in high pressure applications, such as steam boilers, and a heat-treating operation. Other than these plants and their supporting businesses, industry in the community is mostly made up of retail, banking, restaurant, fitness, real estate/insurance, health care and physical therapy businesses. HEALTH CARE IN THE COMMUNITY There are a number of large hospitals in the area that provide excellent, state-of-the-art health care and treatment. The largest are the University-of-Michigan Hospital in Ann Arbor, St. Joseph-Mercy Hospital in Ypsilanti and Providence-St. Johns Hospital in Novi. In addition, there are numerous smaller hospitals in the area that are affiliated with large hospitals to provide regular and special care. MAKEUP OF COMMUNITY Besides the industries, within the community are numerous subdivision areas and individual homes on small-to-medium acreages. There is one railroad that crosses both Ten Mile Road and Pontiac Trail (as well as other city streets). This railroad carries coal and miscellaneous freight and does not stop in South Lyon for loading or unloading. An outstanding recreational facility in the city is McHattie Park, with various recreational opportunities as well as the historic depot and other facilities already mentioned. The city also has two other parks with picnic, sports and recreational space. The South Lyon community supports a parade on Memorial Day as well as Pumpkin Fest, a September festival with food, booths and numerous other activities. The community also supports several runs, walks, and other activities for people concerned with fitness. The community has a classic car/hot rod show each month during the summer. There is one service club (Kiwanis), one VFW hall, a Moose hall, and an American Legion group in the community. Other churches in the city and near surrounding area are: Catholic, United Methodist, Church of Christ, a United, and an Evangelical Presbyterian church, an ELCA and a Missouri Synod Lutheran church, a non-SBC Baptist church and three non-denominational evangelical churches. In addition, there are three large non-denominational churches within a short drive from South Lyon. POPULATION The population of the city in 2014 was about 11,700 and the median resident age was 40.5 years. The median income in 2015 was about $63,800. The church reaches residents in Genesee, Livingston, Oakland, Washtenaw and Wayne counties. The school district does not maintain total population data. FUTURE OF COMMUNITY The community of South Lyon is currently undergoing tremendous growth. It is one of the fastest growing residential areas in Michigan, and includes a great many un-churched families. Home construction is a major industry in the area. OVERALL VIEW OF FBCSL FBCSL is located on Marjorie Ann Street, one block east of Pontiac Trail. The church also owns about four acres of vacant land north of the structure, in an area that was originally swampland as well as a house-and-lot next door to the east. Since it was purchased, the vacant area has been filled with earth and planted with grass. It is being kept mowed, as a lawn. The church gives 15% of its income to the Cooperative Program, and it has been a regular giver to three special offerings sponsored by SBC and BSCM (International missions, North American missions and State of Michigan missions). HISTORY OF CHURCH The greatest numerical growth of the church occurred in the decades of 1960-1980. The highest Sunday school attendance was over 300. The church has been in decline for a time, and the average Sunday school attendance for last year (2016-2017) was about 90. One pastor served the church for a period of 36 years. After his retirement, another man was pastor for over one year, and a third was pastor for a period of about ten years. MAKEUP OF THE CHURCH FBCSL is a family church that was once heavily populated by a few families, and the children and other relatives of those families still make up a large proportion of the membership. Because FBCSL is a Southern Baptist Church, most of the original members were from the south, primarily from Arkansas, Kentucky, Tennessee and West Virginia. Some subsequent members are not related to the original families, but most have southern roots or connections. The average age of FBCSL members is about 58 years, and church attendance is about 50:50 female/male. FUTURE OF THE CHURCH FBCSL has the opportunity for a great future. It is in the middle of a rapidly growing area, and can reach many people/families for Christ. Large churches in the vicinity are growing and with the right leadership, FBCSL will also grow.

Year Founded: 1956
Members: 599
Average Attendance: 110

Mailing Address:
68020 Marjorie Ann Street
South Lyon,  MI  48178-1643

Content last updated: 9/18/2017

Worship Times

  • 09:45 am - Bible Study Groups
  • 11:00 am - Worship Celebration
  • 06:00 pm - Worship Celebration
  • 06:00 pm - FBC Family Fellowship Meal
  • 07:00 pm - Children's Ministries - Youth Ministries - Adult Bible Study & Prayer

Driving Directions

We are located between 9 Mile Road and 10 Mile Road, just east of Pontiac Trail.

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