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Nestled in the Saura Mountain Range in central Stokes County, North Carolina, Quaker Gap is just a ten minute drive from downtown King. Quaker Gap Baptist Church has touched the lives of many people in the county, state and throughout the world. We are a body of baptized believers saved by God's grace, empowered by the Holy Spirit, and called to live lives true to Christ. Our purpose is to glorify God by worshipping God in prayer and praise, loving each other with the love that comes from Christ, teaching the inspired Word of God, seeking to meet the needs of all people, and proclaiming the good news of God's love in Christ throughout the world.

Year Founded: 1909
Average Attendance: 350

Mailing Address:
2265 Flat Shoals Rd
King,  NC  27021-7669

Church Staff:

Senior Pastor: Rev. Jack Darida, (336) 994-2117

Content last updated: 9/17/2015

Worship Times

  • 08:30 am - Early Worship Service - Worship is a time when we come into the presence of God. Songs of praise and preaching from the Bible glorify God and build up the body of Christ. A nursery is provided for all children birth through 4-years old.
  • 09:45 am - Sunday School - Our Sunday School classes meet on Sunday monrings for Bible study and fellowship. Classes are designed to meet a variety of life-situations and learning styles. A nursery is provided.
  • 11:00 am - Worship Service - Worship is a time when we come into the presence of God. Songs of praise and preaching from the Bible glorify God and build up the body of Christ. A nursery is provided for all children birth through 4-years old.
  • 07:00 pm - Sunday Evening Worship - Our Sunday evening worship services provide varried opportunites for worship. We have special speakers, song services, concerts and times for sharing mission opportunites. Sharing of the Word and a time of prayer always lifts the spirit of our body of believers. A nursery is provided for all children birth through 4-years old.
  • 07:00 pm - Bible Study and Prayer Service - Mid-week Bible study on Wednesday nights has become a special time for our adults to draw closer to God in Bible study and prayer. We have studies for women, men, and co-ed group studies. In the summers, there is a special study designed for College and Career age young adults. A nursery is provided for all children birth through 4-years old.

Church Ministries

Baptist Men

The Baptist Men get involved in hands-on mission projects such as helping with Habitat for Humanity, and Hurricane recovery. The group meets at the church for breakfast and fellowship at 7:15 a.m. the 2nd Sunday of each month.

Bible Skills, Drills, and Thrills

A special Bible study for children Kindergarten through sixth grade. This group meets every Wednesday night at 7:00 p.m. During this time together, children are challeged to memorize scripture, find books of the Bible and recall biblical truths. They learn how to apply biblical truths to their daily lives.

Childrens Church

A separate service for chidren ages 2 - 4 where they can worship God with their own songs and activities.

Childrens Sermon

A special time during the worship service to bring Bible truths to a child's level of understanding.


Although dance is one of the newest forms of art we have used at Quaker Gap, it is still very important. In fact, the Bible specifically calls us to dance before the Lord. Currently, our dance ministry is made up of girls in our congregation that have taken dance and meet on their own to choreograph interpretive movements to songs we use in our service. They present these either on Sunday nights and at during special events on the church calendar.


Although new to Quaker Gap as an organized team, drama productions are no stranger to our people. At Quaker Gap, we know what kind of impact it has on people to see Biblical truths acted out in person. Many times, these messages touch us deeper and impact us more than a sermon alone will. We try to take advantage of that kind of impact by incorporating drama into our weekly services as sermon illustrations and fun ways to kick off services. In addition, we have used drama as part of our Christmas and Easter productions. Even our pastor enjoys getting in on the drama ministry by performing his own monologues from time to time instead of sermons.

Instrumental Music

Since the Bible is very clear about praising the Lord with instruments, we try to be true to His Word by using the talents of our members and especially our youth with a small instrumental ensemble. This ensemble performs intermittently throughout the year and on special occasions like Christmas Eve, and our Easter Sunrise service. They may also helps accompany our worship teams from time to time.

Mission Groups

The 2nd and 4th Sunday nights at 7:00, our children learn what God is doing through our missionaries around the world.


The most commonly used art in churches today is the art of music. Quaker Gap has a long tradition of music and it is our most established form of worship. We seek to honor God’s creative process by incorporating as many varied styles of music as possible in our weekly services ranging from bluegrass, to southern gospel, to contemporary rock. We try to provide varied ensembles and musical groups that allow people to experience God and express their worship in a way that truly speaks to their heart.


Loving Christians provide a safe and caring place to leave children birth through four years old, while you attend the worship services, Sunday School, and Wednesday night Bible study.

Other Ensembles

Quaker Gap also has many small ensembles that are arranged independently and are used at various times throughout the year. The “SonRise Trio” – a southern gospel mixed trio - is our most established ensemble and frequently performs in nursing homes, on radio, and at other festivals around the area. “Standing in the Gap” is a bluegrass band that was formed by members of the church and currently tours around the county performing their unique style of worship. “New Direction” is a mixed quartet that performs a variety of music from southern gospel to contemporary Christian. In addition to these, we have a youth praise band, adult praise band, women’s trio, men’s trio, and various other small groups that form throughout the year for special events.

Preschool Choir and Childrens Choir

Our Preschool and Children’s choirs seek to show our children that music and singing praises to the Lord can be a lot of fun. Incorporating creative movements and fun, upbeat songs, children learn many Biblical truths in a fun and interactive way. The year culminates with a big Christmas production early in December which is always one of our most highly attended services. These choirs normally meet on Sunday nights during our evening worship time.


We sponsor Men's and Co-Ed softball teams, volleyballs teams, adult basketball teams, golf tournaments, fishing trips, and family outings--al to help develop the body physically and spiritually.

Senior Adults

The Quaker Gap Friendly Club, a community group for Senior Adults, is a great place to experience new friends and new places. They meet the 4th Wednesday of each month at 11:00 a.m. in the church Fellowhship Hall. Special outings are planned for fellowship and fun.

Visual Arts

Another form of creative ministry that we have at Quaker Gap is visual arts. God has blessed our church with many people that have been gifted in the area of visual art and we seek to use them to enhance our worship and multiply the ministries that already exist. Visual artists at Quaker Gap help with creating backdrops and props for our drama and musical productions, creating original art that is hung around the church for decoration, photographing different events, face painting at carnivals, and many other ways as well. We even recognize floral arranging as a visual art and have members that do special arrangements for events in the church. One special way that we have seen God use visual art is through one of our members who painted a history of our church, had prints made, and sold them to raise money for our building program. God has a way of allowing us to be a part of His ministry, regardless of what our talent is, if we will just be available to Him.

Womens Ministry

The women are always seeking ways to share the love of Christ through acts of mercy and kindness. Bible studies, retreats, and special events help build strong relationships between women. The Women’s Ministry of Quaker Gap Baptist Church exists to provide opportunities for the women of the church to grow in their relationship with Christ, to offer support and encouragement to each other, and to share the love of Christ and assist others in need. Some of the ministries supported by the Women’s Ministry of Quaker Gap Baptist Church are: Samaritan’s Ministries Volunteer Opportunities at their Soup Kitchen, Christian Women's Clothing Closet, Christian Women's Mentoring Program, Meals on Wheels, Holiday Hospitality Dinner, Bapitst Toy Store, Operation Christmas Child Shoe Box Ministry, the Belarussian Children's Project and Moms in Touch International.

Worship Teams

The primary foundation of our music ministry at Quaker Gap is our two worship teams. These two groups assist in leading congregational music each Sunday morning at our two services. This includes singing special anthems each week in addition to leading the congregation in hymns and choruses. These two teams also work to put on special programs for Christmas, Easter, and other times of the year. Each group rehearses one evening during the week (Sunday night at 6:00 p.m. and Thursday night at 7:00 p.m.) to prepare for Sunday services and upcoming Special concerts.

Youth Activities

Various activities are planned for youth throughout the year to stimulate their spiritual, physical, and emotional growth. These activities help them draw closer to God as they fellowship and have fun together.

Youth Discipleship

For those youth who want a closer walk with the Lord, this group meets on Wednesday nights at 7:00 for in-depth training and Bible study.

Youth Fellowship

Each Sunday night at 6:00 p.m., our youth meet for fellowship and Bible study. These Sunday night gatherings are high-energy as youth participate in games and activities around Biblical themes.

Youth Missions

The youth meet for mission groups the 2nd and 4th Sundays at 7:00 p.m. Learning and doing missions are what this group is all about. Each summer, our youth go on a one-week mission trip to use their talents and gifts for others as they strive to build up the the kingdom of God. They help others as they develop a closer relationship with Christ and with each other.

Youth Prayer Breakfasts

The youth get together every Thursday morning during the school year at 7:15 for a time of prayer and fellowship before school. A host family provdes a light breakfast and warm hospitality for the group.

Driving Directions

The church is located on Flat Shoals Road between Hwy. 8 and Hwy. 66 N.

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