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Announcement: Our inventory of the English and Spanish versions of Meet Southern Baptists and The SBC: A Closer Look has been shipped to the SBC annual meeting in St. Louis. Updated editions of the brochures reflecting the anticipated name change of one of our seminaries, to be voted on at the annual meeting, will be available on or around July 1. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Please fill-out the form below to place your order for Meet Southern Baptists and A Closer Look brochures. Your invoice will be enclosed with the order. You may also call 1-866-722-5433 to place your order.

Lot Quantity Each lot is 100 brochures. Subtotal
Meet Southern Baptists - $20/lot $ 0.00
A Closer Look - $20/lot $ 0.00
CrossRoads Prayer Evangelism Leaflets - $13/lot $ 0.00
Spanish Versions:
Conozca Bautistas Del Sur - $20/lot $ 0.00
La Convencion Bautista Del Sur - Un Analisis Detallado - $20/lot $ 0.00
Grand Total $ 0.00

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