Southern Baptist Convention


Woman's Missionary Union assists churches in developing and implementing a comprehensive strategy of missions in order that a church can fulfill its total mission in the world. Woman’s Missionary Union challenges Christian believers to understand and be radically involved in the mission of God.


  1. Assist churches in the development of Woman’s Missionary Union organizations.

    Provide programs, products and services that help churches and individuals grow in missions awareness and involvement.

  2. Assist churches in Christian development for women in missions.

    Assist churches by providing plans and materials that contribute to the individual woman’s spiritual growth and missions consciousness.

  3. Assist churches through the publication and distribution of magazines and products.

    Produce, publish, and distribute magazines and products that help churches and individuals grow in commitment to Jesus Christ by applying biblical concepts of missions.


Woman’s Missionary Union will work within the Southern Baptist Convention entity relationship guidelines approved by the Great Commission Council and the Executive Committee and printed in the Organization Manual of the Southern Baptist Convention.

As an auxiliary, Woman's Missionary Union's program statement is at the discretion of the WMU. The Southern Baptist Convention does not assign ministries to Woman's Missionary Union.