Southern Baptist Convention


The North American Mission Board exists to work with churches, associations and state conventions in mobilizing Southern Baptists as a missional force to impact North America with the Gospel of Jesus Christ through evangelism and church planting by:


  1. Assisting churches in planting healthy, multiplying, evangelistic Southern Baptist churches in the United States and Canada; and provide specialized, defined and agreed upon assistance to the International Mission Board in assisting churches to plant churches for specific groups outside the United States and Canada.

    Work in partnership with churches, associations, and state conventions, and the International Mission Board to start new congregations with a priority to reach population centers and underserved people groups; lead a missional movement to encourage Southern Baptist churches to become church planting congregations.

  2. Assisting churches in the ministries of evangelism and making disciples.

    Equip Southern Baptists for faithful evangelism; encourage churches in evangelism and discipleship; implement direct evangelism projects; prioritize spiritual awakening; develop an evangelism strategy for reaching North America with the Gospel.

  3. Assisting churches by appointing, supporting and assuring accountability for missionaries serving in the United States and Canada.

    Appoint, approve, support and supervise missionaries assigned to accomplish the ministries of NAMB; endorse chaplains; enlist and assist bivocational ministers in mission service.

  4. Assisting churches by providing missions education and coordinating volunteer missions opportunities for church members.

    Develop organizations, services, and materials for establishing, enlarging, and improving missions and ministry learning and involvement experiences in churches; assist in volunteer mission involvement.

  5. Assisting churches by providing leadership development.

    Equip pastors for effective congregational leadership, contextual evangelism, and church planting; connect pastors to pastors through leadership development; encourage pastors as they serve in diverse congregational settings.

  6. Assisting churches in relief ministries to victims of disaster and other people in need.

    Provide appropriate assistance and coordination in service to state Baptist conventions when multi-state and national disaster responses are needed; coordinate with federal government as well as national disaster relief entities to ensure good response coordination on behalf of Southern Baptist Disaster Relief; direct and assist Christian social ministries.


The North American Mission Board will work within the Southern Baptist Convention entity relationship guidelines approved by the Great Commission Council and the Executive Committee and printed in the Organization Manual of the Southern Baptist Convention.

First ministry statement approved by the Southern Baptist Convention June 20, 1995. See SBC Annual 1995, p. 46 and pp. 165-173.
Amended June 14, 2011. See SBC Annual 2011, pp. 64-68.
Amended June 16, 2015. See SBC Annual 2015, pp.93-95.