Southern Baptist Convention

  1. Amendments to ministry statements may be initiated by any messenger or by the SBC Executive Committee. Amendments may also be initiated by any SBC entity at any time with the approval of the entity’s trustees. Conferences with Executive Committee staff on matters of form and relationship are desirable. Where relationships are involved, these are discussed with all parties concerned before submission to the Executive Committee.
  2. Proposed changes in ministry statements are circulated to SBC entity executives, state convention executives, and state Baptist paper editors before presentation to the Executive Committee for approval as recommendations to the SBC.
  3. Amendments are presented to the Cooperative Program Subcommittee of the Executive Committee and all parties have opportunity to express their point of view before that committee makes its final recommendation to the Executive Committee. Ministry statement changes approved by the Executive Committee are recommended to the Southern Baptist Convention at its next meeting.
  4. All ministry changes must be approved by a majority vote of the messengers present in the Southern Baptist Convention in session.

— Approved by the SBC Executive Committee, February 20, 2007