Southern Baptist Convention

  1. Entities are to relate to each other cooperatively and voluntarily out of deep convictions of faith in Christ and the urgency to serve Him effectively in assisting churches.
  2. Entities are to respect Ministry Statements as both directives and restraints in the same manner as the SBC Bylaws and Business and Financial Plan and honor them in working together to assist churches in their ministries.
  3. Entities are to work together through established processes of the Great Commission Council to determine needs of churches and ways to meet these needs, and, wherever appropriate, to coordinate the activities and resources involved in meeting them.
  4. Entities are to work together for mutual reinforcement and for promoting the total work of the Convention.
  5. Entity administrators are to ensure that their employees understand the need and the processes for working cooperatively with the personnel of all entities in the spirit of Matthew 7:12 (HCSB): "Therefore, whatever you want others to do for you do also the same for them," and are committed to honor them in day-to-day operations.
  6. Entities exploring the possibility of launching new programs, projects, or services are to provide information to the Great Commission Council and/or its committees and other entities whose assignment(s) may be closely related to the new venture in order to avoid conflict with another entity's Ministry Statement and to allow for timely review, feedback, clarification of relationships, and discovery of supportive activities by other entities.
  7. Entities are to communicate with state convention, association, and church leadership in keeping with their Ministry Statements and in order to provide churches maximum service with minimum confusion.
  8. Entities are to initiate relationships with or respond to initiatives of organizations outside the Southern Baptist Convention according to their respective Ministry Statements and assist, as needed, by directing such organizations to appropriate entities.