Southern Baptist Convention

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Total membership (from 2015 Annual Church Profile report) 15,294,764
Weekly worship attendance (from 2015 Annual Church Profile report) 5,577,088
Churches (from 2015 Annual Church Profile report) 46,793
Associations (from 2015 Annual Church Profile report) 1,139
State conventions (from 2015 Annual Church Profile report) 42
New churches (reported by NAMB in the 2016 Book of Reports) 927
Total baptisms (reported by SBC churches, from 2015 Annual Church Profile report) 295,212
Overseas missionaries (from Fast Facts, IMB website, 5/10/16) 3,645
Domestic missionaries (reported by NAMB in the 2016 Book of Reports) 5,684
Unreached people groups
(from GSEC August 2016 report, IMB website)
less than 2% of the population are evangelical Christians and no church-planting strategy is in place


  Churches Total
Anglo churches 39,146 40,776
African American churches 3,098 3,712
Hispanic churches 2,009 3,399
Korean churches 706 863
Native American churches 397 440
Haitian churches 311 500
Chinese churches 191 244
Multi-ethnic churches 160 255
22+ other ethnic and language groups 775 1,252

provided by NAMB Center for Missional Research from 2015 Annual Church Profile data


Gateway Seminary of the Southern Baptist Convention 2,473
Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary 1,964
New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary 3,955
Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary 3,431
Southern Baptist Theological Seminary 5,046
Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary 3,942
Total 20,811
Seminary Extension 760

from 2014–2015 academic year as reported in the 2016 Book of Reports


International Mission Board (IMB)
North American Mission Board (NAMB)
Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission
LifeWay Christian Resources
GuideStone Financial Resources
Six theological seminaries:

  • Gateway Seminary of the Southern Baptist Convention
  • Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
  • New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary
  • Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
  • Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
  • Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

The Executive Committee is the fiduciary, fiscal, and executive entity of the Convention in all its affairs not specifically committed to some other board or entity. It consists of 82 representatives from the state conventions, plus the SBC president, recording secretary, and WMU president as ex-officio members.

Woman's Missionary Union is an auxiliary to the SBC.


The North American Mission Board and state convention partners organize Southern Baptists' response to disasters. They contribute manpower, ministry, and financial help during floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, fires, earthquakes, and urban disasters.

Volunteer days 22,271
Chaplaincy contacts 5,158
Meals prepared 126,160
Chainsaw jobs 756
Flood recovery jobs 1,232
Temporary roof/repair jobs 208
Laundry loads 4,129
Professions of faith 215

from 2016 NAMB annual ministry report


Mission:Dignity, a ministry of GuideStone Financial Resources, provides financial assistance to retired ministers, denominational workers, their spouses, and widows.

Individuals or couples receiving financial assistance 1,773
Paid out in 2015 $6,927,472

from GuideStone Financial Resources ministry report in 2016 Book of Reports


The Cooperative Program (CP) is Southern Baptists’ unified plan of giving through which cooperating Southern Baptist churches give a percentage of their undesignated receipts in support of their respective state convention and the Southern Baptist Convention missions and ministries.

  • • Congregations with 250 people or less in Sunday morning worship gave 41.9 percent of total Cooperative Program dollars.
  • • The top 8,730 CP-giving churches make up 80 percent of all CP funds received. They average a 6.7 percent giving level.
  • • The top 2,048 CP-giving churches make up 50 percent of all CP funds received. They average a 7.4 percent giving level.
  • • Over the past five years, the dollar amount received for the SBC portion of CP has increased just over 2 percent ($186.6 million to $190.5 million).
  • • The average percentage of undesignated receipts that churches give through the Cooperative Program: 5.407 percent (2011); 5.414 percent (2012); 5.50 percent (2013); 5.47 percent (2014); and 5.18 percent (2015).


Total reported undesignated receipts given in SBC churches updated each June $9,154,427,472.00
Total CP dollars given by SBC churches updated each April $474,272,984.00
Cooperative Program Allocation Budget gifts received for SBC causes
updated each October


Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for International Missions 100% goes to support overseas missionaries
updated by IMB each June
Annie Armstrong Easter Offering for North American Missions 100% goes to support North American missionaries
updated by NAMB each October
Global Hunger Relief 100% goes to fight hunger in North America and around the world
amount received through the SBC Executive Committee, 2014–2015 fiscal year; does not include direct gifts to IMB and NAMB