Southern Baptist Convention

Here are some typical initial action steps for becoming a cooperating Southern Baptist church:

1. Communicate with your congregation and prayerfully lead them to a consensus on becoming a cooperating Baptist church with the Convention.

2. Contact the state or regional Baptist convention that serves your area to determine how you can join with other churches to impact your local area and state for Christ. Typically, the state convention works closely with local associations across the state or maintains regional staff to assist in this process. They will have a Credentials Committee that will meet with your church leadership to help establish this relationship. Click here for the state/regional convention nearest you.

3. Lead the church through the steps suggested by your state/regional Baptist convention and/ or local association, notifying them of your church’s decision to become part of the Southern Baptist family, submitting to their approval processes, and determining what your church will contribute to the Cooperative Program through your adopted church budget.

4. Begin sending regular contributions through the Cooperative Program to your state/regional convention to support and participate in the Convention’s worldwide ministry and mission efforts.

5. For other questions, feel free to contact the SBC Executive Committee Office of Communications and Relations at 615-782-8621 or email us.